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ByNature is a design story about the essential role plants play in people’s lives and the innovative designs that bring interiors to life.

ByNature took root in Vancouver with the shared vision, determination, and passion for adventure of two like-minded Frenchmen. Together, they quickly realized the benefits and ease with which they could improve each and every one’s ordinary life through two essential elements – plants and innovative design.

French horticultural researcher Nicolas Rousseau believed that connecting with nature should be simple, natural and brought indoors. During his years of plant research in France and Canada, Nicolas had stumbled upon a brilliant system already a massive commercial success in Europe – the Wallflower Living Frame. Nicolas knew immediately that he wanted to bring this remarkable innovation to Canada.

Fred Collay, while helping Nicolas promote the Wallflower Living Frame, was struck with his own inspiration: to bring plant life – as living art – to homes and offices across Canada, in the most creative ways possible.

Nicolas was inspired by the belief that homes and offices could be transformed into healthy, vibrant green living environments. Fred knew it could be accomplished stylishly and inexpensively.

It was simple – a framed work of living art, a living wall, or a unique indoor planter is a healthy, aesthetically powerful, and revolutionary addition to any indoor space, and especially, to interior design in Canada.

They were determined to share their vision. And that is how ByNature all began.

Today, the result of their combined enthusiasm has exceeded their original green dreams. ByNature is creatively redefining the way indoor plant life is incorporated into indoor live and work spaces in Canada.

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