ByNature brings easy, cool, innovative and stylish nature indoors!

Plants play an essential role in people’s lives. ByNature is here to help you bring your interior to life with innovative and creative designs. Creating your green indoor habitat is simple with our unique products. All of our green designs are easy to care for.

ByNature Showroom
  • ModuloGreen – Living Wall

    ModuloGreen – Living Wall

  • Mossart – Living Chair

    Mossart – Living Chair

  • Mossart Wall

    Mossart Wall

  • Wallflower – Living Frames

    Wallflower – Living Frames

  • Boskke – Sky Planters

    Boskke – Sky Planters

  • ModuloGreen Living Wall

    ModuloGreen Living Wall

  • Mossart – Preserved Frame

    Mossart – Preserved Frame

  • Wallflower – Living Frame

    Wallflower – Living Frame

  • Boskke Sky – Planter

    Boskke Sky – Planter



ByNature is the leader when it comes to bringing nature into your indoor living spaces! Discover our wide range of innovative products.
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Residential and Commercial projects

Residential and Commercial projects

ByNature not only provides you with cool products, but also works closely with interior designers and architects to offer custom designs that fit your needs to help bring your interiors to life!
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Interior Landscaping Services

Interior Landscaping Services

ByNature now offers interior landscaping services. We would be happy to offer a complete range of design and plant services to bring your home or office space to life!
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The creators

The creators

We thought we should present ByNature's creators to you. A French duo with complimentary backgrounds in plant research, horticulture, communication and marketing. The perfect mix to bring innovative nature to you!
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Find ByNature

ByNature is proud to bring their cool products to most Canadian communities. Check our store locator to find a local retailer to serve and provide you with very unique gifts. You are also welcome to visit our showroom at anytime.
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Indoor Plants Benefits

Plants do much more than simply look good in a home or office environment. Extensive research on the health benefits of indoor plants show that not only do they improve indoor air quality and well-being, but can also increase productivity at work and reduce absenteeism.
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ByNature Buzz

National interest for ByNature's innovative concepts and products is growing quickly. Discover how the media is helping to share our vision and creating a green buzz.
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ByNature provides education through workshops, school teachings, presentations at conferences and events as well as training for specialized trade shows.
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